Style card + Class @ DMC

Hi all,

As most of you would know, Asymetrique is holding a “White casual summer” casting. I’ve submitted my picture and I thought I’d share it for this post.



Jacket – Aoharu

Shirt – Muism

Shorts – Gizza

Shades – GOS

Shoes – Couru

Hair – Shag

Personally, I really like this style, matching different shades of white together. The mixture of blue and brown on the shoes compliments it, doesn’t make the whole style look too white.

Secondly, I’m currently enrolled in a course at DMC and part of my homework was to put a photo of my class time onto a blog.


My feet are sunken because the chairs are a bit strange lol

Anyway, I really enjoy my classes at DMC, the mentors are all very friendly and patient with me. They offer very good advice and tips, sharing their personal experiences with us. So far I’ve been coached by onemodel adore and Lopez Fairlady.

Alright, end of this post. Hope everyone has a good day ahead!



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