Egoisme casting UPDATE

Hi all,

Firstly, I’d like to thank Ramses Meredith, Egoisme CEO, for organizing this casting. It was a pleasure styling.

Secondly, congrats to all those who qualified like I did. Hope to learn from all of you, especially those who are already professional models in the SL modeling industry.

Ok, party!!!!!

Notecard details below, all rights & credits to Egoisme.

Greetings all, also with some delay here the list of allowed models for the casting:

Kellis Denimore
Manu3l Resident
SD Damiano
World Undercroft
BigJohn Troglodite
Sidney Hax
Dougie Boxen
Kessy Laville
Ramsa Luv
Gretel Bulloch
Steele Sirnah
Quinty Sirnah
Pedrinho Naire
Silvano Korobase
Sakira Mirabella
Federica Galtier

Tomorrow 2pm SLT we will meet you all for the formal invitation to Egoisme Models group to have more informations about the casting date.

Ramses Meredith
Egoisme CEO

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Egoisme casting



Photo by the talented Ada Pollemis

This is my submission for the Egoisme casting.

Skin – Egoisme – Byron NEW

Shirt – Egoisme – Secondlife (Released on Men’s Fashion week)

Pants – Egoisme – Deco half blue

Good luck to the rest of the participants!

Cool off day


Tonight was great, even though I had a rough night at work, clubbing with my SL friends from the US was really worth staying up a few more hours.

What I like about them is that, they’ve experienced almost everything I’ve been or am going through so they really understand how and what I feel and from that, give me good advice/comfort. I’m glad to know all of them (many not in picture) through Julie and I thank Julie for always being there for me before she got happily married off to a good man (:

This isn’t suppose to be a fashion post but here goes…

Hair(hat) – Entente

Cardigan – TokiD

Shirt – Cheerno

Pants – LWL

Shoes – Redgrave

Accessories – Mandala

Goodnight all!