Mirror effect

Photos by my bro, the talented Badon Rain



I absolutely LOVE the mirror concept here ❤

On me

Hair – Kmad – Owen

Earrings – H.O.D – Dragon Spiral Gauge NEW

Jacket – Grasp – Leather biker jacket 2012 Mesh NEW

Shirt – ZooBong – Vneck top

Necklace – Mandala – Karma necklace

Pants – Countdown – Antonio denim jeans Mesh NEW

Shoes – GOS – Desert boots

Watch – Cheerno – Jake/Lemon

Skater Boy

Photo by the talented Ada Pollemis


Another old style from me

Hair – Drot – Dex

Sweater – JP:dsg – Jacket Imprime Mesh

Pants – Ble$$ed – Mesh Denim jeans

Shoes – Roosters – Classic dirty chuckers Mesh

Skin – FRUK – Knox

D Style

Photo by the talented Ada Pollemis


One of my older styles

Jacket – Delirium Style – Damien

Pants – Tableau Vivant – Low-rise jeans

Shoes – JILROXY – Grid walker boots – Brown light sole

Skin – FRUK – Lennon

Hair – NSD – Love Joy hair

I feel so ISPACHI and Ble$$ed

Photos by my bro, the talented Badon Rain



Bro, this is a shout out to you ❤ Thanks for all the awesome masterpieces from you, I think I over work you lol

On me

Hair/hat – Atro Patena – Ethan

Earrings – Razorblade Jacket – Alive spiked earrings

Jacket (with shirt) – ISPACHI – Mesh BrandT cardigan with T

Pants – Ble$$ed – Mesh denim jeans NEW

Shoes – Fir & Mna – The wethersfield shoes

Formally dressed

Photo by the talented Leah McCullough


Hi all, this was what I decided to style for my final exam at Egoisme. Went for a formal look since finals is a big thing for any academy/casting.

By the way I passed and will be receiving my 1st official certificate!!

This also means I’m an offical Egoisme model 😀

Due to my high scores for the theory exam, I’m also going to be an instructor at the Egoisme School of Fashion when it opens its doors to the public.

On me

Hair – Shag – Choke (uncut) NEW

Jacket – Hoorenbeek – Mesh suede blazer (open jacket) NEW

Shirt – Aoharu – Elegant suit

Pants – ISPACHI – Mesh Executive Chinos NEW

Shoes – Kalnins – Gallop

Bag – NYU – Pastel brushed leather bag NEW

Watch – The mesh shop – Daytona Cosmograph

SYS oh yes!

Photo by the talented Leah McCullough


Poses – Focus Pose – Fantasy pack

So Leah and I decided to do something on SYS, combining it with a pose from Focus poses. We had quite a tough time looking for the perfect SIM to translate my idea into the picture. Thank god we found one that was perfect for the picture!

On me

Hair – Kmad – Owen

Eye piece – SYS – Panther – Sunglasses

Shirt – SYS – Hesiod – Vinyl (black/blue) Mesh

Shoulder piece – SYS – Pulsar – Shoulder

Pants – SYS – Atlas – Sarouel (Black Orion) Mesh

Shoes – SYS – MX ankle boots Mesh

On Leah



Dougie Boxen

Razorblade jacket and Judas

Photos by my bro, the talented Badon Rain



With so many new mesh items coming out in stores and marketplace, I came across this new mesh jacket from Razorblade Jacket. This jacket comes in 2 colors and each other comes with different versions of the shirt inside. Please note that this item doesn’t have a HUD that can change the shirt inside, one piece = one shirt.

Another store that I recently discovered is one called JUDAS. My favorite item from them is these boots which come in a few colors.

Hair – Kmad – Owen

Earrings – King – Earring and piercing set

Jacket (with shirt) – Razorblade Jacket (mesh) – Leather/Knit Jacket w 757 Shirt NEW

Pants – Scars – S’s design zip pants

Shoes – JUDAS – The Revolution Dio Boots (mesh) NEW

Necklace – Mandala – Shamira dog tag