Same items different look

Hey eveyone,

For my previous post “Vampire life”, I used certain things I bought about 2 months ago (or more) to create 2 different looks. You’ve already seen how I styled my first look, here’s the second style, for a more human look. I wore this look when my boss Ramses Meredith and I went to attend the MWGA Elite Award Program 2012.

Photos by my bro, the talented Badon Rain





On me

Hair – Atro Patena – Teddy

Eye piece – Crie Style – Kay Fairey’s Muse

Jacket – Blessed – Designer Blazer Black *Outlet for this item closed*

Shirt – Aoharu – Elegant suit option White

Pants – ISPACHI – Executive Chinos

Shoes – L&B – Couture dress shoes

Walking stick – Bad at Croquet – Marquis De Lune *Found at marketplace*

Hope for Emilia

Hello everyone,

An earthquake hit Italy some time back and resulted in massive damage to the country. Miss Virtual World 2012 Anna Sapphire, being Italian herself, decided to organize a charity event for this cause.

I’m pretty proud of how Anna devotes her time and effort to do various charities, I respected her a lot for organizing Ashraya Project and Hope for Emilia has shown once again that she is someone who uses her Miss World Title to help others and not use it to her advantage.

Even though I did not sign up to be an official blogger for Hope For Emilia, I went to the SIM to look around and bought this to blog about, to show my support to the cause and to Anna.

Photos by the talented Ivoni Miles





Tigers – Sculpty creations – TIGERS 09 BOX SLX

On me

Shirt – ChicZafari – T-shirt Skull Mesh NEW @ Hope for Emilia

Pants – ChicZafari – Calypso Short Sequins Yellow Mesh NEW @ Hope for Emilia

Helmet – Finesmith – BACK TO NATURE HELMET

Earring – Finesmith – BACK TO NATURE EARRING

Necklace – Finesmith – SAFARI NECKLACE MALE

Shoes – Energie – CARGO Boots

Makeup – Face paint – Call of the Wild Male Pack NEW @ Hope for Emilia

This means war

Photos by talented Ivoni Miles






Hi everyone,

I used to serve in the Swedish Armed Forces and I created this look, basing it on how future war-fare may be like. This post is very personal so I won’t talk much about it but the pictures are made based on what I experienced in war. Enjoy the look!

On me

Hair – Kmadd – Elcon NEW @ Hair Fair

Goggles – A&Y – Bunker Cyber glasses V0.1

Mask – A&Y – Cyber Gas Mask Rock

Scar – Tableau Vivant – Light&Shadows Clawed

Shirt – ::TheSinnersCross:: – Aztec Men’s tank Mesh NEW @ Marketplace

Pants – ::JLB:: Apparel – Baggy Skull pants Red Mesh

Shoes – [SYS] – Mx Ankle boots Black Mesh

Bandages – OVERT – Bandages (wearing bloody version) (M)

Weapon – Corey’s – M-96 Mattock Cerberus Rifle NEW @ Marketplace

New BuFu

Photos by the talented Ivoni Miles





Hey all,

How’s everyone’s day so far? As you all know, a few stores came up with their own casual blazer line. I decided to pick BuFu’s jacket to blog about as it’s something different from what BuFu usually creates. Enjoy the look I came up with!

On me

Hair – Lamb – Eraserhead NEW @ Hair Fair

Necklace – Rozoregalia – *Gemma* necklace

Jacket – BuFu – Casual blazer solo Stripe Mesh NEW

Shirt – ::JLB:: Apparel – Low V-Neck T-shirt White/Grey

Pants – Countdown – Antonio Denim jeans BLUE Mesh

Shoes – FIR & MNA – The Harrison boots Black

My vampire life

Photos by my Bro, the talented Badon Rain






Hello everyone,

Yes this is a different type of style that I’d normally wear on an everyday basis but I thought I’d just style it anyhow. I know Forren liked this style when I showed her lol

In real life, my work involves the night scene so in a way, I lead a vampire life by sleeping in the day and being active at night lol


On me

Hat – Solidea Folies – Black Mad hat

Hair – Kmadd – Roy

Eye piece – Crie Style – Kay Fairey’s Muse

Jacket – Blessed – Designer blazer RED mesh NEW

Shirt – Aoharu – Elegant suit option Shirt/black

Pants – ISPACHI – Executive Chinos

Shoes – L&B – Couture dress shoes

Watch – Mandala – HOKUSAI Bracelet set/Brown

Make up (lips) – Madrid Solo – Male Lip Mix

Skin – Tableau Vivant – Damon

New bleak and Adjunct

Photos by the talented Ivoni Miles






Hey everyone,

Well back to blogging for me after a one day break lol I love the sneakers Adjunct has been coming out with, I’d always buy the fat packs because they’re just so awesome! Also, there’s a new mesh shirt by bleak. Enjoy the look I came up with!

On me

Hair – Cheerno – Chicane DARK

Shirt – bleak. – Inverted shirt ORANGE Mesh NEW @ Marketplace

Pants – .:: deeR ::. – Mesh avg baggy pants [Multi-version] NEW @ Marketplace

Shoes – Adjunct – No World Order sneakers MUSTARD NEW

Wristbands – Blitzed – Legacy cuffs

1 day summer break

Photo by one of my best friends, Annan Adored 😀


Hello all,

It’s good I took a break from styling and searching for new items to blog about. People who know me well, know I try to keep my blog and flickr modelling portfolio as active as possible in order not to lag behind.

Photographers who have been working with me know how often I schedule photo shoots with them and for every style I do, I’d choose my own poses and come up with my own idea of how I’d want my background/theme to be like for each style and sometimes, even the angle I want for some styles in order to show as much of the new stuff as possible.

These things take up lots of time, effort and energy and I’m glad I spent Thursday evening with Annan before I went to work (I work nights in real life). I’m the sort of guy who would only take photos with people whom I either work with in sl or are people whom I trust and consider good friends or more (like my baby :P).

Annan is someone who has been there for me, up’s & down’s. She may be younger than me but she’s mature for her age and like myself, been through lots in real life so she’s able to relate to my problems etc… I’m so glad to have met her in this world called Secondlife haha

For those who IM-ed me wanting to know what I’m wearing, here it is…

On me

Hair – Atro Patena – Joseph

Necklace – Chop Zuey – 3 laughs at Tiger Brook

Shorts – ASO! – Hawaian Pants(resort) Mesh NEW @ Marketplace