With those 22 spinner rims

Hi all,

I said I’d be blogging items from :::JUDAS::: more frequently so here’s another look with new items from the awesome store. Enjoy!

Photo by the talented MaHyeRi Resident


On me

Hair – Kmadd – Stevo

Hair base – Kmadd – PARALLAX NEW @ Main Store

Sweater – :::JUDAS::: – Givenchy Plaid Ac Rotweiller Mesh NEW @ Main Store

Scarf – :::JUDAS::: – Hermes Chain Belt Scarf Mesh NEW @ Main Store

Pants – :::JUDAS::: – Balmain Biker Slim Acid Mesh NEW @ Main Store

Shoes – Gizza – Sports Shoes – Mesh [Red]

Song – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gyLR4NfMiI

Deeper into Autumn

Hey everyone,

Carrying on with posts of stylings, here’s one for those who are living in Europe. Time to wear a slightly thicker outer coat made of genuine wool to protect yourselves from the 0°C to -7°C chilly winds and (in some countries), random days of sudden snowfall. Enjoy the look!

Photos by the talented MaHyeRi Resident




On me

Hair – Kmadd – Zoki

Earrings – Mandala – TAKAYAMA Face & Ear piercing

Dog tags – Mandala – SHAMIRA DOG TAG Necklace

Jacket – BuFu – Mesh_Jacket_Falkoty_WHITE NEW @ Main store

Shirt – Guarded Cross – Dragon Wing T-Shirt II (V3)

Pants – [Pumpkin] – Classic jeans(brwn)

Shoes – Adjunct – Phoenix Hi-Top Sneaker Black Hole NEW @ Main Store

Simply Marilyn

Hello everyone,

Here is the newest release by Tableau Vivant, the Marilyn skin! I decided to do a semi-fantasy style to showcase the gorgeous skin. Enjoy!

Photos by the talented MaHyeRi Resident




On me

Horns – ContraptioN – Walton’s Parade (Blood) Great Taurus Horns

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Dragon Mesh Hair Browns Pack

Eyes – Clemmm – FATPACK Glass eyes

Skin + eyebrows – Tableau Vivant – Marilyn skin Tone 5 NEW @ Main Store

Pants – Tableau Vivant – Boots pants Tiger eye

Shoes – COCO – Homme_EngineerBoots_Black

Egoisme School of Fashion



Egoisme is a winning company, able to drive the crisis and grow  exponential in less than 2 years and become one of the massive standards for second life. We have build a strong community where people are more than customers, are friends, great men and women talented and full of skills, In one year and half, Egoisme Ltd. has invested in second life part of the capital to buy some brands,  to hire people, merge with other brands and fight against the crisis, with a strong  management and a great  marketing “machine” with the support of over 50 extraordinary bloggers.

 With over 50 people employed, many sims where people can not just buy but also enjoy great panoramas and meet new people, a great customer service with less than 0.5% of complaints in our products or services, a massive and costant research to improve products and plan strategies to keep customers satisfied today, Egoisme Ltd it is one of the biggest company in SL and today after having received too many requests to be part of egoisme models, we have decided to open the School of Fashion.

This institute will follow strict RL standards. Each teacher, first time that happend in SL, will be  trained and certified by Egoisme; since as a REAL LIFE company we are the only ones in SL that can release valid certificates. 

The school will have many different courses, each student can decide their own course of studies, follow them and have final exams, and if the results are positive, can finally have the diploma.

The whole fashion course for models will be 1 month long with at least 2 or 3 days per week for lessons,  audit from   official models of egoisme  to help in case a student need it,  there will be a basic and an advanced school  where you finally can decide which is the program you want to follow.

At end of courses the best scores will be given to Egoisme Models Department, and  be selected for the audition for the most exclusive modeling group of SL, with a 1 year long contract.

Egoisme School of Fashion Team

Sign up now! Contact Ramses Meredith for enquires or registration.

Copyright @ 2010 2012 Egoisme Ltd. All rights are reserved. It is strictly forbidden to copy and/or reproduce this product in parts or in complete either for commercial purposes using photography, photocopy, digital storage or any other way of reproduction. Changes for improvement or correction of this document or the product described in this document might by done at any time.

With purchasing this product you agree to the following:

These products is / are for your own personal use and content creation in Second Life ONLY. You are not allowed to use, distribute or sell this / these images/products out of Second Life.

When night falls

Hello everyone,

Really pleased to show you the latest release from House of Rfyre. This piece is just so beautifully made. To me it’s one of the best jackets I’ve seen so far, it being close to formal wear but with an artistic twist. A MUST have for sure! I decided to pair it up with other pieces, to make it more MY style.

Enjoy the look!

Photos by my bro, the talented Badon Rain



On me

Hair – Kmadd – Dawson

Makeup – Madrid Solo – Hunger

Jacket + Feathers – RFYRE – Raven series NEW @ Market place

Shirt – House Of Europe – Phillip (part of outfit)

Pants – Egoisme – EHC Black Defence Leather Pants

Shoes – L&B – Slouch Engineer Boot & Shoe Set Smooth Black

Eyes – Clemmm – FATPACK Glass eyes Blue NEW @ Main Store

Haute Couture

Hello everyone,

I was invited to attend the Vero Modero show on the 20th Oct so I decided to create a Haute Couture look with the main piece from Vero Modero. Not too sure what you guys think? Anyway, enjoy!

Photo by the talented MaHyeRi Resident


On me

Hat – Lode – Beak  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/kumashon%20piyo%20land/164/62/23

Hairbase – Kmadd – Dark brown

Tie – Mandala – SMEXY TIE necklace(cross) black

Shirt – Vero Modero – Armiore Male (part of outfit)

Pants – Hoorenbeek – Mesh Pants white

Shoes – L&B – Couture dress shoes Traditional lace

Cane – Bad At Croquet – Marquis de Lune

Gloves – Epia – Leather Gloves

Eyes – Clemmm – FATPACK Glass eyes (Blue) NEW @ Main Store  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal%20Island/155/161/843