Style Kingdom Magazine Vol 4 – Teasers part 1

Hey everyone,

We might have been quiet lately, all due to the fact we’re in the mids of preparing Vol 4 AND 5. Style Kingdom has always worked as a team and we’ll be implementing changes as we progress into bringing the magazine to become even better.

Spoiler – Vol 5 will be one really special edition. How special? Keep watch for updates 🙂

Here are some teasers for the upcoming Vol 4. Stay tuned to see more teasers!


Tiviyah Resident


Yashi Audion


Nickle Sparrowtree


Cavey Charlesworth

“Style Kingdom Magazine believes in giving opportunity to everyone to be a magazine model, not only residents with modeling certificates.” – Dougie Boxen

About our copyright


Some obviously aren’t aware, Style Kingdom Magazine is copyrighted in real life by Fyrian LLC. We bother to pay for copyright because we love what we do and will protect what we love even though we’re strictly a non-profit organization. We take copyright seriously and won’t hesitate to sue uncreative minds & thieves.

Thank you.

Visit Style Kingdom HQ in Second Life

Style Kingdom HQ & Auditorium

Due to the ever growing readership, Dougie Boxen decided to set up Style Kingdom HQ, providing free seminars on styling, posing and photography by certified models. These seminars aim to instruct aspiring fashion-conscious model hopefuls on the do’s and don’ts of Second Life modeling.

Visit in Second Life

You will need to create a Second Life account, sign up and join us! 🙂

Rise of the Samurai

Hello everyone,

HUIT might have closed but I still wanted to share with you this amazing skin HUIT created. Mikoto Lisa’s creations will always be remembered as realistic and of good Japanese quality.

Photos by the talented Angellina Freschi


Hat – GG – Shogun outfit

Outfit – Sweetaholic – MontsukiHakama/Navy

Skin – HUIT – Lucas3 + Facial hair Lucas2

Sword – Bytegang – Shingen Katana

Style Kingdom OFFICIAL model’s party


Style Kingdom Magazine is throwing a party for our official models. Residents who love fashion and would like to mingle with models of SL are welcomed to join us. Others who are pure music lovers, do join us too for this beach-themed party at REZ Club, where Phil Kearny has lined up an awesome schedule of DJs set to keep you entertained for the whole 24hrs!!!

NEW Style Kingdom HQ

Dear residents of Second Life,

We’re proud to announce that Style Kingdom HQ has relocated to its very own full region. The bigger area has given us the advantage of allowing more store units to be available to store owners who are interested in setting up their stores with our zero-rent policy and stores take 100% of their sales. This policy exist due to the fact we’re a self-funded non-profit organization. [Interested parties please contact Dougie Boxen in-world by IM or note card]

I’m also thrilled to announce that Fashion Teller and 5th Avenue Agency have decided to set up their offices along side Style Kingdom at the new region. Style Kingdom Magazine will be working together with both Fashion Teller and 5th Avenue in future magazine issues so be sure to look out for us!

Here’s a sneak preview of our new HQ, built by the amazing Cruz Quinnell. The region will be officially opened to the public some time next week!





Pictures courtesy & property of Annan Adored