Style Kingdom Magazine public casting – The journey

Dear all,

Style Kingdom Magazine’s first proper public casting has been a success, with a total of 26 (daring) applicants received when dateline was due. A handful dropped out once the 1st styling challenge was issued due to sudden RL commitments or because they thought their competitors were too good.

A few more dropped out after the results for the 1st styling challenge were released but the candidates who remained till the final styling challenge have proved to have the passion for wanting to do their best & to be the best in the modeling community by hard work and not by playing dirty games.

I have full respect for all the candidates who got into the finals. Well deserved efforts. As I’ve mentioned, the casting is transparent so here are the prizes the top 3 will be getting.

– A certificate of participation with their respective winning rank.

– A spread in the next Style Kingdom Magazine vol with their (finals styling challenge) outfit.

– A spot in the OFFICIAL model’s team, where they’ll be featured in every magazine without needing to cast for every new vol.

*Increased* Cash prizes of $10,000L for champion, $8,000L for 2nd place & $4,000L for 3rd place.

There were many who sent me an IM in-world or Facebook messages who missed the dateline for this public casting. Not to worry as there will be another public casting. Details will be given on this blog so please look out for it.

Have a great week everyone! 🙂

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