Types of Style Kingdom Magazine castings

Hey everyone,

I’ve gotten lots of interested residents asking about the difference between the 2 castings Style Kingdom Magazine holds. As I’m quite tired of typing the same things over and over again, this post is to inform everyone on the differences.


1) Style Kingdom Magazine OFFICIAL model’s casting

– ONLY certified models may apply (unless personally invited)

– Resumes to be dropped in the red mailbox located on the reception desk at our in-world office

– There are no styling challenges involved, the management team and I will be selecting a handful based on resume and/or personal experience with the applicants

– Pool of resumes dropped at our office is ALWAYS twice/thrice more than candidates for the public casting. Meaning your resume may well be up against well-established models as well.

– Resumes not selected will be kept in the mailbox for another round of selection but cannot be guaranteed to be picked next round as there will be fresh resumes added for each new round


2) Style Kingdom Magazine’s PUBLIC casting

– Allows both certified & non-certified to take part

– 3 rounds of styling challenges + 1 final challenge

– Transparent score-based system

– Judged on runway + styling skills

– Fair mixture of experienced and new/aspiring models

Prizes to be won for Top 3 selected at finals

– Top 3 will join the OFFICIAL model’s team

Hope this post clears up any questions. Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

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