Style Kingdom Magazine Vol 4 Teaser photos prt 2

Hello everyone,

Sorry for the delay, I went on a short vacation. Here is part 2 of our teaser photos 🙂


Tyler B


Brendan MaCarthur


Silvano Korobase


Amita Yorcliffe


Nayomi Gartner



P.S – Style Kingdom Magazine will be having a fresh copyrighted logo look for our 1yr anniversary in Nov 2013 onwards and it’ll also be a VERY special edition so stay tuned for all the good stuff coming your way 🙂

“Style Kingdom Magazine believes in giving opportunity to everyone to be a magazine model, not only residents with modeling certificates.” – Dougie Boxen

Official models RESULTS – Style Kingdom Magazine


Congrats to all who were picked to become part of Style Kingdom Magazine’s official models team. We had in total, 50 applicants (not including those who cast for Vol 4 only) and it took us some time to consider. Those who weren’t chosen, Vol 4 will be your trial (if you did cast for Vol 4 only too) and we’ll start the voting process again. Special thanks to Jade Spectre and Kiana Lexenstar for helping with the casting process.

Note : Official models, we’ll be scheduling group photo shoots to update the website so please look out for group notices.

List of official models

1) Maddox Kaestner

2) Paradox Messmer

3) Silvano Korobase

4) Wicca Merlin

5) Spirit Llewellyn

6) Honey Bender

7) Sazzy Oh

8) Linda Reddevil

9) Gamp Lane

10) Catlyn Sahara

11) Caoimhe Lionheart

12) Selina Graycloud

13) Brendan Macarthur

14) Belladonna Wexhome

15) Amita Yorcliffe

16) Lou Lou Teichmann

17) Ellie Harrington

18) Sinontherocks

19) Sothis Sirius

All official models have certain duties to carry out which are stated in a note card given to them in private.

Style Kingdom Magazine VOL 3 RELEASED!!!


Hello everyone,

Here’s Style Kingdom Magazine’s Vol 3, special “Love, Peace & Joy” edition. Enjoy!

Click here

Casting for Vol 4

2 types of castings.

1) Casting – Fixed models (Style Kingdom Magazine’s official model team)

– Needs to be a certified model

– Certificate(s) can be from any agency in Second Life

– Needs to be at least minimum 1 yr old

– Needs to be searchable in-world

– Models already in Style Kingdom Magazine group need to cast if you want to be part of the models team.

2) Casting – Vol 4 models (ONLY model for Vol 4 of Style Kingdom Magazine)

Do not need to be certified models

– Needs to be searchable in-world

– Has a good attitude and able to work well with other models & photographers

– Models already in Style Kingdom Magazine group need to cast at casting parties or drop mail at the office (details below)

To apply – Drop a mail at Style Kingdom Magazine’s Office & Model’s hangout here (the red mail box on the front desk)

In the mail, include your 1) Second Life name (not display name), 2) Certified or non-certified, 3) Flickr stream, if you have one and 4) Your email address.

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium – OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!


Hello everyone,

The SIM is opened to the public!!! Come shop or attend the FREE seminars which are held on certain days!

Landmark here

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium

Hello everyone,

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium has finally been set up!!!

We’ll be providing FREE basic styling, posing and photography seminars by invited certified models and established photographers.

Our HQ & Auditorium is NOT an agency but meant to be a non-profit education center, focusing on Second Life fashion, modeling and photography.

We also have a mini mall for store owners to set up shop and limited boards to place vendor ads, all for FREE. No rental cost ever AND 100% your store makes goes back to you, not us!!!



Application – Students

1) Need to be at least 3 months old

2) Searchable and contactable

3) Willing to suit schedules of instructors

4) Have a keen interest in SL modeling

5) A learning attitude

Application – Instructors

1) Certified by SL modeling agencies (minimum requirement – 1 certificate)

2) Able to speak understandable English

3) Willing to be patient

4) Able to hold a seminar at least once every 2 weeks

Note : Instructors will be paid.

Application – Store owners

1) Stores to be at least 3 months old

2) Owners need to be searchable and contactable

3) Stores need to not sell copy-bot items

For more information, contact Dougie Boxen by the following methods below ONLY…

1) In-world note card

2) Email :

Style Kingdom Magazine 2 – Teaser photos part 1

Hey, how has everyone been doing? Hope everyone enjoyed their vacation as much as I did 🙂

Some teasers for Style Kingdom Magazine’s 2nd publication.



Model : YeriakTH Couturier




Model : Lua Vendetta




Model : Mikoto lisa




Model : Annan Adored



Model : Cindy Gedenspire

MORE teasers coming!!!!!!

Stay tune to find out which models & photographers will be featured in Style Kingdom Magazine’s 2nd publication!!