Style Kingdom Magazine Vol 5 TEASERS part 1

Dear all,

November is approaching and it’ll be the Style Kingdom Magazine’s 1 yr anniversary next month. For our upcoming 1 yr anniversary Vol 5 special we have installed lots of surprises for you readers!

Here are some teasers.

Tempest Rosca teaser

Tempest Rosca

Reign Congrejo teaser

Reign Congrejo

Thunder Barthelmess teaser

Thunder Barthelmess

Cilla Eriksson teaser

Cilla Eriksson

Wonder who else will be featured in our upcoming 1yr anniversary Vol 5 magazine? Stay tuned for more teasers coming your way!

Interested in joining our OFFICIAL MODELS team? Instructions here.

Style Kingdom Magazine – Casting Venue

Dear all,

Style Kingdom Magazine’s casting venue has only been allowed access by the candidates, judges & special guests.

As the finals draw near, I would like to share some photos of the venue. I had a fantasy concept in mind for the venue and it was fantastically built by the talented Erica Hastings.

Erica Hastings, not only well-known as an incredibly builder, is also the owner of her very own furniture store!

Here is her portfolio –

To contact her –






Style Kingdom Magazine VOL 3 RELEASED!!!


Hello everyone,

Here’s Style Kingdom Magazine’s Vol 3, special “Love, Peace & Joy” edition. Enjoy!

Click here

Casting for Vol 4

2 types of castings.

1) Casting – Fixed models (Style Kingdom Magazine’s official model team)

– Needs to be a certified model

– Certificate(s) can be from any agency in Second Life

– Needs to be at least minimum 1 yr old

– Needs to be searchable in-world

– Models already in Style Kingdom Magazine group need to cast if you want to be part of the models team.

2) Casting – Vol 4 models (ONLY model for Vol 4 of Style Kingdom Magazine)

Do not need to be certified models

– Needs to be searchable in-world

– Has a good attitude and able to work well with other models & photographers

– Models already in Style Kingdom Magazine group need to cast at casting parties or drop mail at the office (details below)

To apply – Drop a mail at Style Kingdom Magazine’s Office & Model’s hangout here (the red mail box on the front desk)

In the mail, include your 1) Second Life name (not display name), 2) Certified or non-certified, 3) Flickr stream, if you have one and 4) Your email address.

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium – OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!


Hello everyone,

The SIM is opened to the public!!! Come shop or attend the FREE seminars which are held on certain days!

Landmark here

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium – Seminar SCHEDULE


Hello everyone,

We will officially be starting our FREE seminars next week.

25th April

YeriakTH Couturier – Seminar on styling, 4 – 5pm slt.

Language : Spanish

Kim Lysette – Seminar on photography, 7 – 8pm slt.

Language : English

Interested in attending? Contact Dougie Boxen via in-world note card or email to request for group invite.

p.s – The SIM will be open some time next week 😉

**UPDATE** Seminar instructors – Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium


Hey everyone,

More people have graciously agreed to take part in the project of giving back to SL community. Here’s an update of the instructors who will be sharing their knowledge to those who are interested in attending these FREE seminars.

List of instructors

Jade Spectre (Miss Virtual World 2013 contestant) – Seminar on styling & shape modification

Kaelyn Alecto (Established photographer & fashion blogger) – Seminar on in-world photography skills with viewer(s)/windlight

Paradox Messmer (Mr Virtual World academy graduate & vendor model) – Seminar on styling and blogging

Brendan Macarthur (Mr Metaverse Pageantry 2013 Winner & Mr Virtual World 2011 contestant) – Seminar on styling

Kim Lysette (Established photographer & fashion blogger. Official photographer for Liv Glam) – Seminar on in-world photography and communicating with store clients

Ngozi Faith (Miss Essence of Ebony 2012, established model, fashion blogger & owner of {.:Ozi:.} ) – Seminar on styling & posing

Please keep checking back for the schedules of each instructor’s seminars.

Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium **UPDATE**



Hello everyone,

Just a little update. I mentioned in my previous post, [FIEND], HUIT and Motivaction have set up shop on the SIM.

I’m pleased to announce LODE, .::F a s t e r P u s s y c a t::. and Vero Modero have joined Style Kingdom Magazine HQ & Auditorium’s mini mall line up as well!!

There are only FEW available stores left! Store owners, take this chance to set up your store for FREE!!!

Application – Store owners

1) Stores to be at least 3 months old

2) Owners need to be searchable and contactable

3) Stores need to not sell copy-bot items

Another update on instructors providing FREE seminars on styling, posing & photography.

We have…

Jade Spectre (Miss Virtual World 2013 contestant) – Seminar on styling & shape modification

Kaelyn Alecto (Established photographer & fashion blogger) – Seminar on basic in-world photography skills with viewer(s)/windlight

Find out how to apply for seminars HERE

More updates to come, stay tuned and have an awesome weekend everyone!! 🙂